Montag, 20. Februar 2012

when you die.

so today i'm posting just this shit. i'm wonderfully tired and just want to go to sleep. sorry dears! tomorrow i'll try my best to present you some new wonderful people from outer space! (:

Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

unicorn power!

wonderful pieces i would insanely love to have from the jeremy scott fall 2012/2013 collection :):):)
can someone just send them to me? would be kind ;)
(in the next post i'll tell you about the possible inspiration for his collection :))

my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav!!

this smiley is stonedly happy ;)

mmm. love this photo!! :):):)

let's go swimming!! (:

unicorn power!!!

more photos here:  thecobrasnake.

Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

or you can just forget it.

this song is stuck in my head all day. haha it's only about 13 o'clock but okay ;)

my lovely readers (who i don't have yet :D) if you're looking for a DIFFERENT/AWESOME/TERRIFIC/KICK-ASS blog/tumblr, follow this link: HUHHHHHHHH
i'm 100000% sure you will love - no ➜ ADORE it!! ;)
here are some sneak peeks (sorry for my neologism ;) )

and that's the WONDERFUL lady with the eight h's that posts, blogs and reblogs the photos:

i'm not quite a fan of nudity, but i quite like this artisitc photo :)

Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

my mum dressed me very cool as a child.

in a few minutes i have to go to university :O but i have only one lesson!! :) and i'm feeling good today. right now. that doesn't often happen in my life :D
i'll try to keep this blog up :) and i'll try to present you as many wonderful people from outer space as it is possible ;) today it's lucy renton's turn:

you can follow her here: or here: or here: :)

i think she's lovely and you should keep an eye on her or something like that ;)
here are some of her lookbook photos:

AND this was her first look on lookbook:

and some other wonderful photos from and of her:

these are her cool shoes from the time she was a child :) how can you not love your mum for buying you these shoes? :)

SO, don't keep out but keep up!! :):):)

Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012

i don't eat i don't sleep.

no love. that's what some people say. that's what sometimes goes around the world.
if you feel alone listen to that mixtape: no love.
i bet it's good. i haven't listened to all of the songs yet. but i will.
you can even listen to this mixtape if you don't feel alone. if you just feel.

Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012

lana, how I hate those guys.

remember how we used to party up all night. everybody knew that we had too much fun. crying cause i know i'm never coming back. don't cry about him. it's all gonna happen.

i'm going to suppress the fact that she is: plastic, not real, hyped, she doesn't deserve it, fake. maybe. but she makes good music. and that what counts for me.


today i'm starting.
i just really felt i need to do this blog. write something about other wonderful people that cross my way on the internet and elsewhere. there are so many TERRIFIC people that aren't noticed. that are underrated. and i want to change that. i know, that in the beginning i will have a lot of followers :D yeah, sure. but really, i don't want to be famous, hip or shit. i just want to inspire people, to make people happy, to show them that there are other awesome people in the space, that they haven't noticed yet :) enjoy!
maybe i will change the design of my blog. i don't know. i'm never 100% happy with what i do :D and i won't tell you of what my blog will consist, because i'm not sure. i'll simply post what my heart likes :) but WHAT i know is that i will post a looooooot of things from lookbook :) cause there are sososososo many wonderful people!! >.<

AT FIRST i present you ✳✿✝S A M  A D A M S✝✿✳!!

she is my FIRST wonderful people ;)
you can find her here:  or here:  or even shop her here ;) :

this was her first look on lookbook:

and other wonderful photos:

 look at her self-made docs!! that's what i'm talkin about!!

this is my favourite one!! how i love this sweater!! ✪MG!!
buy it here: petals and peacocks