Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

my mum dressed me very cool as a child.

in a few minutes i have to go to university :O but i have only one lesson!! :) and i'm feeling good today. right now. that doesn't often happen in my life :D
i'll try to keep this blog up :) and i'll try to present you as many wonderful people from outer space as it is possible ;) today it's lucy renton's turn:

you can follow her here: or here: or here: :)

i think she's lovely and you should keep an eye on her or something like that ;)
here are some of her lookbook photos:

AND this was her first look on lookbook:

and some other wonderful photos from and of her:

these are her cool shoes from the time she was a child :) how can you not love your mum for buying you these shoes? :)

SO, don't keep out but keep up!! :):):)

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