Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012


today i'm starting.
i just really felt i need to do this blog. write something about other wonderful people that cross my way on the internet and elsewhere. there are so many TERRIFIC people that aren't noticed. that are underrated. and i want to change that. i know, that in the beginning i will have a lot of followers :D yeah, sure. but really, i don't want to be famous, hip or shit. i just want to inspire people, to make people happy, to show them that there are other awesome people in the space, that they haven't noticed yet :) enjoy!
maybe i will change the design of my blog. i don't know. i'm never 100% happy with what i do :D and i won't tell you of what my blog will consist, because i'm not sure. i'll simply post what my heart likes :) but WHAT i know is that i will post a looooooot of things from lookbook :) cause there are sososososo many wonderful people!! >.<

AT FIRST i present you ✳✿✝S A M  A D A M S✝✿✳!!

she is my FIRST wonderful people ;)
you can find her here: http://lookbook.nu/samadams  or here: http://lolsamadams.tumblr.com/  or even shop her here ;) :  http://www.etsy.com/shop/sammieboob

this was her first look on lookbook:

and other wonderful photos:

 look at her self-made docs!! that's what i'm talkin about!!

this is my favourite one!! how i love this sweater!! ✪MG!!
buy it here: petals and peacocks

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