Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012


i decided to just write a post about my long lasting adoreness to miss violet e. the only thing i know about her is that she is a photographer and blogger from hell :)
find her here: or here: or here:
i bet most of you already now this wonderful miss. i just want to say, thank you that you exist and that you give us loads of inspiration. i would very much like to work with her. just take some photos of her. she has so many facets. WOW.

 i don't know why, but this is my absolutely favourite.

and this was her first look on lookbook:

i'll take you away.

when you're feeling down. and your sky is grey.
and the people that you love. well they have nothing lovely to say.


i'm in love with a dying man.

that's my definition of vintage. and that's how lana's singing it. so, listen to her song and look at these wonderful photos, clothes, inspirations from TUNNEL VISION.

want to make it fun. don't trust anyone.

Dienstag, 15. Mai 2012

fcking tattoo day today.

i'm feeling like total shit today. and i felt the same way yesterday.
and i felt like today should be a tattoo day on my blog. because tattoos have a whole lot of expression. and i like that.
choose the one you like the most. the one you TOTALLY 101 % would like to have.

 my favourite.

i would totally do this to my lip.

 my favourite. yes i have two favourites.

 okay, three.

 okaaaay. four.
 okay. that's the last one :)
an oxytocin molecule, the hormone that makes one fall in love.